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Wellness Care became an integral part of country’s wellness and slimming sector in 2005 and since then it has been one of the brands to help restore the health using food instead of medicines. In the past few years, we see a lot of growth & transformation in the wellness sector. We are happy to share that in the past 17 years, we have intensely changed the lives of more than 2 lac people across the country. Wellness Care Is recognised as the brand which helps in developing healthy eating habits resulting in a healthier you!

We, at Wellness Care, have the vision to cater to the diverse requirements related to Nutrition and Health and thus we have introduced certain programs like the cholesterol buster, detoxification and many more together with serving the basic slimming program.


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Hi !!!!! I am Dr. Akansha Rawat a dental surgeon. After pregnancy I have gained almost 15_17 kg. I am also hypothyroid person.

I wanted to get my dream figure and seemingly tried all  the methods like gym diets, machines etc.I managed to lose several kgs but weight come very quickly. Then suddenly  saw advertisement of wellness health care I tried 15 kg, within just a month of taking it my appearance significantly improved, not only in inches and weight loss but skin also become brighter. My waist now became slimmer.
I lost 15kg and almost more than 30 inches. Thanx to Dietician and whole wellness care team. They are very helpful n really motivated me during my treatment. Thanx again…
Dr. Akansha Rawat
Dr. Akansha RawatDental surgeon,Delhi


I am Dr vandana kasana ( gynecologist) . I am 44 yrs old. Due to my busy lifestyle, I gained more Than 10kg weight on my tummy area.
I tried gym and machines both, but couldn’t continue bcz of my clinic n patients timing. Then my sister told me about wellness care slim at home weight loss treatment. I lost 12kg n still very maintained. I eat everything , but following maintenance program also. I am recommending to my patients who suffering from obesity. Thanx to wellness care for their sincere efforts.
Dr. vandana kasana
Dr. vandana kasanaGynecologist,Delhi.


I am kalpana professional international artist. Due to my profession I travel 8_ 10 days in a month, sometimes abroad also.
        I joined 3 yrs back wellness care and lost 22kg in 5 month. Now I can wear my shorts dress which I missed it before. Because of my beauty career, I feel more confident now. I am recommending so many person related to my profession. Thanx to wellness care.
Kalpana Sarowa
Kalpana SarowaInt Makeup Artist




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Wellness Care is a prominent name in nutrition, weight loss, health, and lifestyle management. We have 60 centers across India in Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, Indore, and Nasik.

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Best Health Care & Weight Loss Center Delhi
Best Health Care & Weight Loss Center Delhi
Best Health Care & Weight Loss Center Delhi
Wellness Health Care

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The wellness healthcare program that addressed the problems of the overweight and obese enabling them to regain control of their lives and their health by giving them the necessary life skills to lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle.
We do this through a comprehensive plan of alternative eating habits, nutrition, fitness, education, support and medical weight management, food modification when needed.

The following are a few of the necessary changes:
1) Alternate eating habits (Proteins, carbohydrates, and fats)
2)Nutritional supplements.
3)Regular fitness routine – 30 min walk(Minimum)
4)Motivation & Support

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