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About Us


Wellness Care became an integral part of country’s wellness and slimming sector in 2005 and since then it has been one of the brands to help restore the health using food instead of medicines. In the past few years, we see a lot of growth & transformation in the wellness sector. We are happy to share that in the past 17 years, we have intensely changed the lives of more than 2 lac people across the country. Wellness Care Is recognised as the brand which helps in developing healthy eating habits resulting in a healthier you!

We, at Wellness Care, have the vision to cater to the diverse requirements related to Nutrition and Health and thus we have introduced certain programs like the cholesterol buster, detoxification and many more together with serving the basic slimming program.

We have planned our programs in such a manner that they help you manage your weight and any disorders by establishing a healthy relation with your food habits. With a little twist in your daily routine, you will be happy to see the change in your body. We have our own set of unique solutions based on the 4 STEP process

– Detoxification, Rejuvenation, Nourishment and Maintenance.

Apart from serving to individuals across the country, we are also committed to some corporates for their employees for having a positive and sustainable impact on their work, society as well as the entire community.

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